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Social Campaign Strategy & Execution

Social Campaign Strategy & Execution

❯   Our combined use of proprietary technology enables us to identify fast-rising brand specific oriented trends before they go viral allowing you to add more value to buyer personals and build a greater community.

❯   We create campaigns based on deep analysis of data, not guesses. Our approach to content, growth, and channel management is backed by our time-tested strategies and social media professionals proven to increase engagement and conversions.
Organic Content Creation & Publishing

Organic Content Creation & Publishing

❯   Visuals: Visual content that is eye-catching and aesthetically compelling. Attention-grabbing photos and videos that break through the noise aligned with your brand essence to capture audience attention mid-scroll while maintaining branding.

❯   Strong Writing: Captions that entice, inspire, and persuade. Powerful writing to rope in viewers and provide them with a clear next step to further interact with the brand by engaging directly, visiting the website, and taking action.

❯   Human Touch: Content that resonates with audiences on a deeper level and feels personal. Humanizing your brand through the power of impactful organic content that makes viewers feel strongly connected to your brand.

❯   Integrated Strategy: Powerful methodology to steadily grow relevant engagement. Utilizing strategic organic tactics, leveraging proprietary traffic driven content topics, and publishing content that encourages organic audience engagement.
Brand & Community Management

Brand & Community Management

❯   Building an online community where followers are encouraged to comment and chime in.

❯   Welcoming feedback and responding to all comments and messages in a timely manner to ensure audiences truly feel seen and heard.

❯   Steadily increasing followers and engagement rates across platforms.
Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social Advertising

❯   We take the time to understand who your targeting buying personas are. Effective ad campaigns will speak directly to new prospective buyers and clients.

❯   Our ad creation process is what differs us from others and ensures your ROI is optimized for business impact. Loaded with research and experience in what works for optimization excellence, we provide the most compelling and buyer personal relevant visual, caption, and call to action to entice audiences to act.

❯   When it comes to targeting, we know how to use the system in up-to-the-minute modern ways to maximize the most strategic and refined audience targeting. We prioritize brand conversions without diluting brand DNA, and enhance the brand in the eyes of target buyers.

❯   As a result of impactful ad campaigns, you will see a direct and steady increase in powering greater brand awareness and conversions.

❯   Those who may have not known about your brand before or may have never discovered the brand organically will suddenly become aware, informed, and intrigued to act.

❯   Campaigns will be overseen on a daily basis and optimizations will be made as needed to ensure budget, visuals, approach, and audience targeting are as effective as possible and driving strong results.
Influencer & Brand Ambassadors

Influencer & Brand Ambassadors

❯   Leveraging robust relationships with relevant strong & active social media influencers to activate your target buying personas and move the needle meaningfully for your brand.

❯   Strategic counsel to assist in selecting the most trusted, respected micro and macro influencers to represent and promote your product or service and get audiences actionized. This can include nano and micro influencers, lifestyle bloggers, well-known industry leaders, celebrities, and more.

❯   We uncover influencers strategically appropriate to your brand and align agreements with them from start to finish of the social media campaigns to generate impactful ROI.

❯   Using these public influencers as brand ambassadors to promote your brand through their social presence, directly resulting in their followers having a favorable opinion of the brand and converting to customers and greater revenue.

The influencer outreach program differs through proprietary technology to identify key influencers relevant to your brand both within our own cultivation of thousands of ongoing personal relationships with notable influencers as well as direct outreach to new and upcoming relevant creators.

We achieve our impressive results by combining our advanced technology with a traditional grassroots approach that maximizes our personal relationships with top tier influencers! We work with only the most relevant and impactful influencers who, with certainty, have a fiercely strong influence on the way their dedicated fans + followers think, feel, and make purchasing decisions.

No matter your industry, niche, or market,’s relationships with relevant impactful thought leaders, brand ambassadors, and spokespeople brings favorable public opinion by engaging and educating their relevant audiences about your brand.


We will help make your social media marketing campaigns engaging and resonate - simply fill out the form or give us a call to begin.

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    We will help make your social media marketing campaigns engaging and resonate - simply fill out the form or give us a call to begin.

      Carly Leggitt

      Social Media Account Executive

      Carly has over five years of experience in the social media marketing space. With a passion for social media, she has helped clients grow and increase their brand awareness through social and online platforms; bringing innovative, fresh ideas and delivering results.

      Based in Northern California, Carly graduated from California State University Sacramento with a degree in Marketing with a focus on Digital Marketing. She discovered her love for social media marketing when interning at a PR and Marketing agency in college. Since then, she has worked with clients in various industries including motorcycle, lifestyle + home decor, theme parks & entertainment, and tourism. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and all things outdoors.

      When she’s not creating social content, you can find her in the gym hitting her new fitness goals, reading self-help books, or meditating in her zen place. She loves all things outdoors and traveling with the hopes of traveling to over 100 countries one day, and eventually visit her family in the Philippines.

      Olivia Trilla

      Social Media Supervisor

      With nearly a decade of experience in social media and digital marketing, Olivia “Liv” Trilla joined the team as an experienced leader. In her role as Social Media Supervisor, she leverages her expertise in developing strong, effective strategies to maximize a brands success while achieving top results.

      As a passionate digital marketing guru, Liv gravitates towards leading inspired teams and thrives in environments where she can share new, curated ideas while using creativity to reach both short + long term goals to expand digital footprints.

      Liv is the recipient of the HSMAI Adrian Silver Award in the hospitality industry, has launched a national viral McDonald’s campaign and has developed and led a company-wide mentorship + development program. Her mission is always to help others –both clients and colleagues alike– through the digital landscape.

      When she isn’t traveling to new cities, new countries, and enjoying new cultures, her home base is the Windy City. There, she explores the never-ending food scene while also develops an interior design-focused blog as a creative outlet that is dedicated to sharing styling ideas–– @otinside.

      The most recent advice that she’s received?

      “Follow your effort and embrace failure. Use your intuition and don’t settle.”

      Megan Zaleski

      Social Media Supervisor

      Megan Zaleski serves as Social Media Supervisor for After entering the publishing industry at the start of her career in New York City, she quickly found her love for branding and marketing and decided to make a shift towards the digital marketing industry full-time. Since then, Megan has worked with clients across various industries working to advance their online presence, grow their online communities and businesses, respectively, and deliver creative content that exceeds expectations.

      As a native Michigander, Megan now calls Chicago home. When she’s not busy developing creative content and in-depth strategies for brands, she can be found practicing yoga, spending time with her family and being creative in the kitchen. Outside of her profession, she is passionate about advocating for mental health and often provides thought leadership on how to protect mental health as it relates to social media. She prides herself on knowing both the positive and negative effects of these platforms and how to navigate the complex nature of social media in today’s world. Megan has been published in Healthline, Business News Daily and more.

      Rachel Kylee

      Social Media Account Executive

      Based in Los Angeles, Rachel has worked with B2C and B2B brands for over 5 years helping businesses manage and grow social media accounts as well as bring in leads. Her experience ranges from industries such as fashion to consumer lifestyle to beauty and wellness. Before devoting her life full-time to social media management and strategy consultation, she worked as a creative director helping bring brands’ imagery to life.

      Rachel has worked with brands like Pretty Little Thing, Hopper Reserve, Canndescent, Dark Heart Cannabis, Refa USA, Playboy and JustFab/Fabletics either in a social media aspect and/or creative direction for photography and videography to help brands portray the right message.

      During her free time, she enjoys creating her own acrylic paint art, doing her makeup and shooting on the weekends or baking cookies with her two boys. This year, she plans to visit her hometown of Nicaragua with her mother.

      Madison Petersen

      Social Media Account Executive

      Madison has over five years of experience in the social media and public relations sector. As a Social Media Account Executive, she helps her clients to build brand awareness, generate engagement, and elevate their digital marketing to the next level.

      She has previously held roles at the University of Oregon Athletic Department, Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing, and University of Iowa Athletic Department. Madison obtained her M.B.A. from the University of Oregon in 2020 and holds three Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Iowa.

      In her spare time, Madison enjoys running, traveling, writing, and spending quality times with her friends and family. She is a die-hard sports fan and has been to three continents so far, with her ultimate goal to visit all seven.

      Casey Corcoran

      Social Media Account Executive

      Casey Corcoran is a skilled writer, designer, and communications professional. As a Social Media Account Executive, she implements creative strategies that allow clients to reach new audiences, build their brand identity, and elevate their digital presence. Her responsibilities include writing, editing, and proofreading copy with strong calls to action, creating social media visuals and infographics, and managing social media channels.

      Casey graduated with a Master's degree in Political Science from the London School of Economics, where she focused her studies on the intersection of media and international policy. She has worked with global companies, international NGOs, and prestigious New York City law firms in writing-intensive and client-facing roles.

      Outside of work, Casey enjoys traveling to new places, drawing & painting the scenes around her, and trying out recipes to share with friends.

      Bruce Dierbeck

      Vice President, Social Media

      Bruce is a strategist, content creator and team leader with more than a dozen years of experience in the always-on, always-changing world of social media, mobile, and digital marketing. He brings a passion for both creative storytelling and informed targeting, allowing art and science to overlap and give every interaction a more strategic, personalized experience.

      Prior to joining Interdependence, Bruce has worked with brands such as Moffit Cancer Center, GE Healthcare, Michigan State University, Carmex lip balm and Rakuten, helping to bring social media programs, bootcamps, influencer campaigns, and experiential activations to life.

      Bruce’s digital career began in the slow days of dial-up developing websites in the entertainment industry and evolved to the fast-paced world of social media today. Bruce currently lives in Milwaukee with his wife, Aimee, and their two golden retrievers, Ash and Daisy Jane. In his spare time, Bruce is a lover of good music, bad puns, and long road trips that sometimes combine both.

      Greg Wise


      Greg brings over 20 years of experience leading high impact communications programs for technology companies from stealth through growth to exit events. A proven strategist and award-winning practitioner, Greg designs and executes programs that contribute to the business success of B2B and B2B2C companies in technology domains that include artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data engineering and analytics, security, SaaS, IoT, semiconductors, storage, enterprise software and networking. Previous clients include AMD,, Dell, Fujitsu Network Communications, MariaDB Corp. and xMatters.

      He has also driven highly successful campaigns for government agencies and issues advocacy organizations, including the Travel Texas public relations program for the Office of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism Division; Speak Up, Speak Out media and grassroots advocacy campaign for the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault; and GoDirect, the United States Department of the Treasury’s social security direct deposit initiative.

      Greg has deep expertise in media, analyst and influencer relations; social media; content marketing; C-suite communications; crisis communications; messaging and positioning.

      Previously, Greg held communications and marketing positions both in-house and at agencies, including senior vice president of technology for Edelman, vice president of technology for Weber Shandwick, and tech sector expert at FleishmanHillard. ent here